Church Slavonic : For Users

You can easily enter, edit, and publish Church Slavonic texts in standard, popular software.

XeTeX and LuaTeX

To work with Church Slavonic texts in TeX, you will need to use a modern Unicode-compatible TeX engine such as XeTeX or LuaTeX. Both are part of the TeX Live distribution. The following will be helpful:


Beginning with version 5.0, LibreOffice allows you to specify Church Slavonic (which it calls Church Slavic) as a document language. You can then take advantage of a number of features such as Cyrillic numerals (for page numbering, etc.), hyphenation and sorting.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a free, portable source code editor. It is useful for editing the raw Church Slavonic liturgical texts stored in XML and Markdown formats.

VS Code

To set up editing Church Slavonic texts in Visual Studio Code:

Apache OpenOffice

Apache Office is not well maintained. While you can view and edit Church Slavonic texts, the software will not allow declaring Church Slavonic as a language. Hence, you will not be able to use hyphenation or spell checking and you will not have access to Cyrillic numerals and other features.

We suggest using LibreOffice instead.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Corporation does not recognize Church Slavonic as a language, and so hyphenation and spell checking are not available, even in third-party extensions. Church Slavonic texts may display correctly in Microsoft Office using the Ponomar Unicode font. However, your results may vary, and you may see incorrectly positioned diacritical marks, missing characters and other problems. There are no workarounds for these issues.

We do not provide any support for Microsoft products.

We suggest using LibreOffice instead.

Adobe InDesign

Once you have installed the Church Slavonic fonts from this page, you should be able to work with Church Slavonic texts in Adobe InDesign. To get support for Church Slavonic hyphenation and spell-checking, download the Church Slavonic Dictionary Extension for LibreOffce; then follow the instructions to install it into InDesign. Page numbering using Cyrillic numerals is not available. If you need it, ask Adobe to add this feature or switch to LibreOffice.

Where is the letter / symbol that I need?

Tables of Church Slavonic letters and other symbols are available in the documentation:

I need help!

If you are having difficulties, all questions (except for those related to Microsoft products) may be addressed to the SCI-Users mailing list.