Slavo­nic Compu­ting

Get Fonts

High-quality free fonts to display Church Slavonic on your computer, in your favorite editor, or on the web.
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Type Text

Keyboard drivers to type Church Slavonic text in your favorite OS, and information on how to set up your text editing software. Don’t want the hassle of installing drivers? Try the web-based keyboard tool! Type in modern orthography, we auto-translate to Church Slavonic! (mobile users beware: 40+Mb download)

Typeset Music

Typeset beatiful liturgical music and chants in modern, Kievan square, or Znamenny notation. View details »

Get Texts

Most of the existing Church Slavonic liturgical books are already digitized. Get them from the Ponomar Library.

Do More

Embeddable web fonts for web-designers, APIs for software developers, and other tools to do even more with Church Slavonic texts. View details »

Get Help

Read the documentation, working papers, or ask a question on the mailing list. View details »