Church Slavonic Fonts in Unicode

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Fonts for Technical Work

$number =~ /^(?:҂([$h]))*(?:҂([$o]))*([$h]?)([клмнѯопч]?)([$o]?)$/;
var letter = '(?:ᲂу|Оу|оу\\S)[̀́̑҆̾̏҇҃ⷠⷡⷢⷣⷷⷤⷥꙵꙶⷦ]*';

Licenses and Technical Information

Fonts only provided in OpenType-CFF (PostScript) format (OTF extension) with advanced OpenType features. Please read the documentation for a description of the OpenType features provided. We no longer provide fonts in TrueType format (TTF extension) with SIL Graphite features. If you need support for SIL Graphite, see the legacy fonts package.

License information is indicated on the legal page. Questions can be addressed to the SCI-Users mailing list (in English or Russian).