Church Slavonic Keyboard Drivers

Keyboard drivers are the next thing you need after a font in order to work with Church Slavonic text. Entering text using the Character Map (or some similar utility) is not just slow, it can also cause problems like improper positioning of diacritical marks. Several different options are available for entering Church Slavonic text on the keyboard.

Virtual keyboards

A virtual keyboard allows you to type Church Slavonic text without installing any software. Just enter the text into your browser and then copy/paste it into a text editor or generate a PDF for printing.

Installable keyboard drivers

Keyboard drivers can be installed on your computer. The Russian Extended keyboard allows you to enter Russian text on the standard Russian ЙЦУКЕН keyboard and provides Church Slavonic characters on Level 3 (AltGr). The Russian Phonetic keyboard offers the same functionality, but using the phonetic Russian (ЯВЕРТЫ) layout. The Church Slavonic keyboard is a completely new layout optimized for entering Church Slavonic text. A Church Slavonic Glagolitic keyboard is also available for entering Glagolitic text (only for GNU / Linux systems).

Read the documentation for more information and installation instructions.


Apple OS X

GNU / Linux

All layouts are available via the m17n-cu package.

You will then need to set up IBUS to be your input method and select the wanted keyboard layout from the m17n database. See the the documentation for more information.


Physical Keyboard Driver for USB/Bluetooth keyboards: download APK Warning: this is alpha phase software and is intended for testing purposes only!


Documentation for all keyboard layouts and installation instructions in PDF: download